Q2i “infrastructure” – the platform that support transactional processing and has the technology components to provide a node configuration using blockchain as the supporting control structure.  It allows third party applications to be integrated into a blockchain environment with a minimum of disruption, allows integration with digital currency networks and transitions from real world to the digital world and across digital networks.  The infrastructure is agnostic to the underlying blockchain technology.

SecureDataFS – blockchain controlled file system.  An encrypted, verifiable and controlled file system that uses blockchain to maintain ownership, activity and access to create a geographically controlled, secure platform. 

SDFS combines blockchain, encryption, data transfer and storage into a simple interface, accessible via a web application or through native Windows Explorer drag and drop.



The blockchain is used to record the principle actions of a user and files – Identity, proof of creation, proof of contents, encryption control and the various sharing actions. 

Files are always  stored in an encrypted format and the owner can choose to share this file and a method for decryption with other users (who must be known to the owner) in a way that each sharing activity is unique and can be rescinded by the owner. 



As files are shared they become visible and actionable by the other users and, through the actions of the data transfer and storage layers, only the files that a user either owns or has been granted access to would be physically transferred. 



The system is not limited by file type and can support formats such as PDF, Word, Excel and also streaming for large files such as mp4 and mp3.


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